Medill students report from Guantanamo Bay
Check out their full suite of print and multimedia stories.
Medill students tackle satellites
Medill M.S.J. students in Josh Meyer's Spring 2015 Watchdogs in Washington class created a series of investigative reports on the role of satellites in national security, in terms of everything from disaster response to climate concerns.
Medill students embed with Marines at Twentynine Palms
See the suite of stories produced by grad students in Medill's National Security Journalism Specialization program.
On The National Security Beat
Fresh tips, news and resources to help national security reporters excel on their beats, currently hosted by Medill NSJI Digital Fellow Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory.
Deadly Debris: US legacy of unexploded remnants of war
DEADLY DEBRIS is a three-month investigation by a team of graduate students at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications that examines the deadly legacy of the United States’ use of landmines and cluster bombs around the world and its $2 billion effort to clean them up.
US food aid program struggles to move forward
Our team of graduate students from the Medill NSJI, in collaboration with USA TODAY, spent 3 months looking into the world’s largest humanitarian food assistance program to see how it was working.

News and Insights

Palestinian MMA brothers fight negative stereotypes

November 23rd, 2015 by

Two Palestinian brothers living in Chicago have turned the fighting skills they used to beat back bullying for new careers as MMA fighters. Continue reading

Medill national security students embed at National War College

November 18th, 2015 by

Nineteen Medill graduate students and four alums, all part of the school’s National Security Journalism Specialization Program, embedded at the National War College for two days in early November, attending lectures and seminars with senior military and government officials who both inspired and challenged the students. Continue reading

Paris attacks cast a shadow on Beirut and Baghdad

November 17th, 2015 by

Paris was sympathized world wide after ISIS attacks on Friday, while Baghdad and Beirut who were also terrorized by the Islamic State didn’t initially receive as much widespread care and support. Continue reading


New report draws on Medill/ABA security book

PEN/America has released a new report entitled: Secret Sources: Whistleblowers, National Security and Free Expression, which refers to material in a book co-published by the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative and The American Bar Association. Continue reading

2015 MRE Conference is Oct. 9

Speakers will include retired Gen. John Allen, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL; Rep. Adam Smith, ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee; Rep. Rob Wittman, chairman of the HASC readiness subcommittee; a panel with Gulf-area ambassadors discussing anti-ISIS operations; and a panel with top military public affairs officers. Continue reading

Winners of the 2015 MRE Journalism Contest announced

Congratulations to all those who submitted their work to the MRE Journalism Contest. Find out who the winners are and see the judges’ comments.
Continue reading



Palestinian MMA brothers fight negative stereotypes

Two Palestinian brothers living in Chicago have turned the fighting skills they used to beat back bullying for new careers as MMA fighters. Continue reading