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$61 million in duplicate technology programs unearthed at Defense and Homeland Security

By SB Anderson

The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Homeland Defense spent $61 million on six potentially  redundant information technology projects, a study by the General Accountability Office found.

GAO report on duplicative IT resources

Details directly from the report on what was found:

“Two potentially duplicative investments totaling about $30 million at DHS that are used to “book” and process apprehended illegal aliens who are suspected of committing criminal and administrative violations, commonly referred to as immigration enforcement booking management;

“Four such investments totaling about $31 million at DOD, which include two investments totaling $16 million that track health care status of warfighters and two investments totaling $15 million that manage dental care.”

The GAO said the Department of Defense cancelled one of the health care systems and will consolidate the dental systems “but had not developed a plan on how this was to be accomplished.”

Homeland Security cited “unique requirements” for the dual immigration booking systems, “but were unable to provide analysis showing why one system couldnot satisfy the unique requirements.”

Read the full GAO report (PDF)

TSA employee misconduct cases up nearly 30%; nearly half result in suspension or firing: GAO

By SB Anderson

A U.S. House subcommittee is holding hearings today on employee misconduct at the Transportation Security Administration. Among the topics: A new General Accountability Office report that examined 9,600 employee misconduct cases from 2010 to 2012 and found the number of cases increased 27%; nearly half resulted in a letter of reprimand; 17% lost their jobs; and “additional procedures could help TSA better monitor the investigations and adjudications process.”

Two charts below highlight the GAO’s examination of the misconduct cases. And at the bottom is an embedded copy of the report itself.

GAO findings on TSA employee misconduct

Outcomes of TSA employee misconduct cases

National security impact of climate change among new ‘high risk’ areas declared by GAO

By SB Anderson

The General Accountability Office has added  the fiscal impact of climate change to a “High Risk List” list it prepares for Congress and federal officials every two years. About a dozen items on the 30-item list are at least in part related to national security. 


Responsibility for “extensive infrastructure such as defense facilities” and the government as provider of disaster aid were among the points cited in adding climate change to risk list. 

Climate change was one of two new risks added to the biennial GAO list, which “calls attention to agencies and program areas that are high risk due to their vulnerabilities to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement, or are most in need of transformation.”

The other new area cited was gaps in weather satellites replacement plans caued by “legacies of cost increases, missed milestones, technical problems, and management challenges that have resulted in reduced functionality and slips to planned launch dates. As a result, the continuity of satellite data is at risk.”

Only two items were removed from the 2011 GAO list  (interagency contrracting and IRS business systems modernization).  About a dozen of  the 30-item are related to agencies and operations related to national security, among them six in the Department of Defense, including DOD financial management, and the following:  


The GAO report notes that “In the past 2 years notable progress has been made in the vast majority of areas that remain on GAO’s High Risk List.”

PDF of the full report

What happens when agencies ‘streamline’ a process?

By SB Anderson

In the case of disability claim for veterans, “streamlining” has meant “takes longer to get a decision,” the Government Accountability Office said in testimony for the U.S. Senate this week

“Timeliness has steadily worsened since the inception of the program,” Daniel Bertoni, the GAO’s director for education, workforce and income security, said, according to the Washington Post. 

Active duty troops waited 394 days on average in fiscal year 2011, while members of the National Guard and Reserve faced waits of 420 days. In 2010, the wait times were 357 and 370 days, respectively, and in 2008, they were less than 300.

“Unfortunately, this new disability system is exhibiting some of the same failings of the broken system that it was designed to replace,” said the committee’s chairman, Sen. Patty Murray, (D-Wash.) “Our servicemembers should never be forced to wait nearly 400 days to get a decision that will have such an important impact on their future.” “


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