About The Project

The COVID-19 pandemic is the story of our lifetime. This website serves as a record of how the virus is impacting daily life, the economy, and American values. 

Visit the fact checking database to sort fact from fiction — viral posts, rumors, and statements from government officials. 

The website is updated regularly with original reporting that dives deep into how COVID-19 is affecting nearly every facet of society, from education to business to diplomacy. News organizations around the world have risen to the challenge of reporting critical stories in this time of crisis, and this website aims to do the same.

Accurate, balanced coverage is always in the interest of national security. In the face of a public health crisis, the truth saves lives.

The project is led by veteran foreign correspondent Peter Eisner, who has worked for the Washington Post, Newsday and the Associated Press. It is co-led by Matthew Orr, assistant professor of journalism and a former reporter and editor with The New York Times and STAT News.

Meet Our Team

Our reporter team is composed of fourth-quarter graduate journalism students at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University. Each reporter focuses on a specific area of coverage, including the White House, intelligence agencies, education and the 2020 Elections.