POGO: ‘Fear and retaliation at the VA’

By SB Anderson

POGO report of problems at the VA

The Project on Government Oversight and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America asked veterans and Veterans Administration employees to share their stories about problems with the VA. The results so far:

In its 33-year history, POGO has never received as many submissions on a single issue—nearly 800 current and former VA employees and veterans contacted us. POGO reviewed each of the submissions, and the comments indicate that concerns about the VA go far beyond long or falsified wait times for medical appointments; they extend to the quality of health care services veterans receive.

POGO received allegations of wrongdoing from 35 states and the District of Columbia, and in the limited time we have had thus far to analyze the information, a recurring and fundamental theme has become clear: VA employees across the country fear they will face repercussions if they dare to raise a dissenting voice.

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