Survey shows improved privacy, security at big online services

By SB Anderson

The chart below summarizes how the major tech companies surveyed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation fared as it relates to “privacy policies, terms of service, public statements, and courtroom track record.”

Nine companies this year received the highest six-star rating, compared to two in last year’s survey. A total of 20 companies are now releasing so-called transparency reports about government requests for data compared to 7 a year ago, EFF’s survey showed.

“The sunlight brought about by a year’s worth of Snowden leaks appears to have prompted dozens of companies to improve their policies when it comes to giving user data to the government,” EFF’s Rainey Reitman said in a release.

Full Report (HTML) | Full Report (PDF) | SILK’s aggregated database of transparency reports (HTML)

Results of EFF's 2014 survey