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CISPA at-a-glance

By SB Anderson

From PC World, here is a helpful Reader’s Digesty look at the Cyber Information and Security Protection Act that passed the U.S. House last week and that has some privacy experts a bit steamed. 

The White House in a statement is on the record saying, “Legislation should address core critical infrastructure vulnerabilities without sacrificing the fundamental values of privacy and civil liberties for our citizens,” and has threatened a veto of CISPA-like bill if it’s the same as currently written.  

Next up: The Senate, which has its own versions of cybersecurity bills. 

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Cybersecurity bills duel over rules for firms; ‘burgeoning anti-government fever’ afoot?

By SB Anderson


This 60 Minutes piece on the Stuxnet computer virus is well worth a watch if you’re interested in cybersecurity and the implications on warfare,  national security and covert activities. 


POGO and partners say cybersecurity bill is flawed


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