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1 in 10 military sex assault investigations flawed, study discovers

By SB Anderson

DOD Inspector General sealWhile 89 percent of military sexual assault investigations reviewd by the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office met standards, 11 percent had “significant deficiences,” a summary of the investigation’s findings that was just released shows. (Read the report).

“Significant deficiencies are key evidence not being collected, crime scenes not examined, and witness or subject interviews not conducted or not thorough. We also found that certain MCIO policies and practices regarding the collection of physical evidence, crime scene examinations, legal coordination, and records checks need improvement,” the report says.

The investigation of a random sample of 501 cases also found the need for “increased emphasis on thoroughness by supervisors, training, and policy improvements.”

“Minor deficiences” were found in 352 of the 501 cases.

Two key recommendations:

  • “. . . implement measures to improve crime scene processing, evidence collection, supervision, and documentation to reduce investigative deficiencies.”
  • “. . .evaluate existing policies regarding the collection of clothing worn by suspects and victims subsequent to a sexual assault.”


I strongly disagree with the report’s core assertion that fusion centers have been unable to meaningfully contribute to federal counterterrorism efforts.

U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, responding on Wednesday to a scathing report from a subcommittee of the committee he chairs — Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. (Via Washington Post).

VA conferences: $800,000 in waste, $43,000 in bonuses for organizers

By SB Anderson

Here’s a way to rub it in: Organize two government employee “signature event” conferences in Orlando in which your inspector general ultimtely finds nearly $800,00 in questionalbe expenses — and pay the staff organziers $43,000 in bonuses!

That’s what you learn happened in the new report from the Veteran’s Administration inspector general (PDF download) probing the summer 2011 HR-related events for 1,800 human resources staffers at the Orlando World Center Marriott. (Politico broke the story late yesterday).

Says the report: “In our opinion, VA held these conferences to fulfill valid training needs. However, VA’s processes and the oversight were too weak, ineffective, and in some instances, nonexistent. Thus, many conference costs were not sufficiently documented, which made them difficult to clearly justify, or identify whether they were accurate, appropriate, necessary, or even reasonably priced.”

Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration John Sepulveda “abdicated his responsibilities,” the report concludes.  Politico reports that he has resigned.

The conferences cost about $5-$6 million — maybe. The inspector general said conflicting numbers have been issued by the VA, which “continues to provide varying estimates.” The report says “serious management weaknesses” preclude the VA from providing an accurate estimate.

The report also found 11 of VA employees who organized the event accepted improper gifts from event contractors, including comped rooms and food — as well as perks such as massages, manicures and pedicures, and helicopter tours.

Below is a screen grab of the itemization of expenses that the inspector general found questionable.