VIDEO: VCJCS nominee, USTRANSCOM Commander Gen. Paul J. Selva appears before Senate Armed Services Committee

By Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory

WASHINGTON — USTRANSCOM Commander Gen. Paul J. Selva of the U.S. Air Force appeared Tuesday at a Senate Armed Services Committee called to consider his nomination to the position of vice chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff.

Selva was the second Joint Chiefs nominee to testify before the committee in less than a week, as Marine Corps. Commandant Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. on Thursday fielded questions about everything from the ISIL threat to the national security risk posed by Russia in a hearing called to consider his nomination to succeed Gen. Martin Dempsey as the next CJCS.

The Medill National Security Journalism Initiative was on hand to capture video highlights of Selva’s testimony. Check out footage and documents from the hearing, all of which are freely downloadable and embeddable for use in your own reporting (so long as you credit us), below:

Gen. Selva Testimony Highlight Reel

Audio Highlights from Gen. McDew’s Testimony: