The Analyzer News Roundup For May 27, 2020

The European Union proposed a $2 trillion COVID-19 response package aimed at lifting the union out of an impending economic depression.

According to the Wall Street Journal, if approved by the EU governing bodies the response plan would deepen the bloc’s economic union in unprecedented ways. The suggested package would include a $750 billion recovery plan set for immediate spending, while the rest of the funds would go towards lifting the region economically over the course of 7 years. 

Meanwhile, both President Donald Trump and the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson are facing political backlash at various fronts.

Trump took to Twitter early Wednesday to rail against Twitter because the social media company placed a fact-check label on his tweets for the first time. Twitter has been under constant pressure to curb misinformation on its platform, which it has done by labeling some Trump tweets with a “get the facts about mail-in ballots” subtext.

In the United Kingdom, Johnson’s Conservative Party slipped nine percentage points this week, an apparent result of public dissatisfaction with Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Times, support for the Tories fell four points to 44%, while support for Labor rose five points to 38%.

Elsewhere, Brazil’s daily coronavirus death toll surpassed that of the U.S., while Japan injected another $1 trillion into its economy to protect it from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control reported 24,958 new cases of coronavirus and 592 newly reported deaths across the U.S.

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