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Niko Boskovic

Native Affairs, The Balkans, Social Media

Niko Boskovic

Niko works at Medill News Service as a politics reporter, while pursuing Master's of Science in Politics, Policy and Foreign Affairs at Medill School of Journalism. He is passionate about reporting on stories and social groups often left out of the mainstream media, including Native American and immigrant communities. In the past Niko has collaborated with the likes of USA Today, The Hill, Inc. Magazine, UPI and ABC-57 News. At the moment he is set on finding new ways to engage younger audiences through social-media-first original news content and social media advertisement aimed at driving traffic to the publication's website.

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The Navajo Nation has more Covid-19 related deaths than the whole of New Mexico

As of today the Navajo Nation has 28 Covid-19 related deaths, while New Mexico has 31.


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