The Analyzer News Roundup For May 29, 2020

The Trump administration loosened restrictions on religious institutions in an attempt not to alienate the evangelical community, believing that some of the proposals were too harsh.

According to The Washington Post, warnings on the danger of communal singing and drinking from the same chalice were lifted after the White House  was not on board with the proposal. This is one of the most recent attempts to lift social distancing guidelines from religious institutions championed around the country by Republican lawmakers.

Meanwhile, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia are easing their distancing restrictions Friday, while Wisconsin is facing consequences for outlawing the governor’s stay-at-home order.

District residents are no longer under the stay-at-home order and some businesses are allowed to operate under strict guidelines. Doctor’s offices, dentists and hairdressers are some of the businesses allowed to reopen.

Wisconsin has seen some of the highest single-day new case counts of COVID-19  in the past few days, two weeks after the state Supreme Court struck down the stay-at-home order.

Wednesday saw a state record 599 new cases of the coronavirus, the highest single day total since the start of the pandemic, according to Forbes. The state started to reopen on May 13, well ahead of its Midwestern neighbors, some of which are still under strict distancing guidelines.

Elsewhere, New Zealand is down to its last coronavirus case, while São Paulo, Brazil announces gradual reopening plans despite a growing number of new cases.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control reported 19,680 new cases of coronavirus and 1,415 newly reported deaths across the U.S.

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