Week in Review — January 29, 2017

What’s In Store For Global Cyber Security in 2017

By Forbes

Forbes examines the factors that will contribute to the changing cybersecurity landscape in 2017, including the U.S.’s new foreign policy under President Donald Trump.


John McCain says US has no strategy to deal with Russian cyber warfare

By The Guardian

In an audio obtained by The Guardian, Arizona senator John McCain admitted at a congressional retreat that the U.S. does not have a strategy to fight Russian cyber warfare, adding that the U.S. is unprepared to stop the Russian government from influencing upcoming European elections.


Trump’s hiring freeze blunts rush to recruit cybersecurity talent

By The Christian Science Monitor

The hiring freeze instated by Trump may negatively impact federal agencies trying to hire cybersecurity personnel. According to the article, there are about 1,099 unfilled government cybersecurity jobs.


Obama advisers back Trump’s cybersecurity executive order

By CyberScoop

The Trump administration will soon order a review of U.S. cyber “vulnerabilities and capabilities,” and may call for a restructuring of cyber responsibilities in governmental departments, according to CyberScoop. Former cybersecurity officials in the Obama administration say that the areas being reviewed are those that had been of interest to Obama.


Donald Trump May Be His Own Worst Cyber-Security Threat

By Vanity Fair

According to Vanity Fair, although Trump was given a secure device since becoming President, he still may be using an unsecured Android phone to tweet.