‘Ghazals for Foley’ book published honoring slain journalist James Foley

McNaughton/Gunn has published in limited quantities Ghazals for Foley (ISBN: 978-0- 9845398- 7-1/ $12.95), an anthology of ghazals written to, for, or about American Combat Journalist, James Foley. It was created by HINCHAS Press through a Kickstarter campaign. The books can be purchased online through Square Up.

“HINCHAS Press feels honored to be able to project a platform where literature and more importantly, poetry, is used to mitigate some of the enmity directed at unwitting players in the Syrian Civil War.” The company said in a press release. “Ghazals for Foley stands as a testament to empathy and inquiry in an age of laser-guided diplomacy, and shows that an almost ancient form can work wonders to hold the grief of legions.”