The Privacy Project

At the request of the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative, journalism graduate students at Northwestern University’s Medill School spent 10 weeks this summer exploring how to best connect consumers with important online content in new and innovative ways. The team presented its findings and unveiled its products, business plan and research to the Medill community and interested business leaders on Aug. 24 in Evanston. (For a video archive of the August, 2011 presentation, please visit this page. )

In what it dubbed The Privacy Project, the 17-student team focused on digital privacy and how it affects, in often little-noticed or overlooked ways, the rights of online consumers.

Privacy Boss Logo

Like a Boss

The students created a demonstration of a mobile shopping game that ultimately teaches players about so-called “dynamic pricing” based on their search and purchase habits (see below).

The team also launched a working prototype web site with viral hooks based on the “Like a Boss” meme that helps educate two different audiences about ways to protect their online privacy; and an umbrella web site that captures the rigorous product development process the students followed, and showcases their work.

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