A summary of our small — but growing! — collection of “NSZ Debriefs” that help you understand how other reporters and editors put together interesting and relevant national security related stories.

How WikiLeaks’ Chelsea Manning tweets from behind bars: The story behind the social

How the WikiLeaks firestarter found a way to communicate using Twitter from inside the United States Disciplinary Barracks’ maximum-security military prison. → Full Story

In pursuit of ‘rot’ in the US nuclear defense system

How AP’s national security writer discovered problems in the nation’s nuclear defense system and wound up with a ‘months-long cascade of revelations’ that renewed public and legislative interest — and action. → Full Story

The End of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

How a book about the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” by 27 veterans and service members, a think-tank expert, a professor and a journalist got published by the Marine Corps, which had urged Congress not to repeal the law. → Full Story

Chasing China’s Tail: The Long Road to Mes Aynak

Insights into how — and why — Medill Assistant Prof. and documentarian Brent Huffman has become a champion of saving an ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan from destruction by a Chinese mining company. → Full Story

NATO/G-8 summits: Innovation in student coverage and distribution

How Medill graduate journalism students in a national security class covered the NATO summit and wound up with their content published across platforms around the globe (with some help from their professors, of course). → Full Story