Pentagon, Press and the People student reports

US reputation as a world leader is fading, according to former US Secretary of Defense

WASHINGTON – The modern American political system – full of constant campaigning and political gridlock – is eroding the United States’ global reputation, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen said during a recent discussion on the future of U.S. defense. … Continue reading

State of the Union Preview: Takeaways from this week’s focus on cybersecurity

WASHINGTON — Leading up to the State of the Union, President Barack Obama gave a broad overview of some of his proposals on cybersecurity this week, calling for legislation and a national standard to ensure people are notified within 30 … Continue reading

Is the battlefield moving online?

WASHINGTON – With hackers attacking organizations from Sony to the Defense Department’s Central Command, cyber warfare is shaking America’s Internet security and people’s confidence in how safe they are while surfing the web. Cyber security recently grabbed the nation’s attention … Continue reading

Military and police reporting

[field name=”by”] With the wide range of topics that journalists cover, training in military and police affairs generally ends up falling by the wayside. But, for those journalists that do interact with the military and police, knowledge of military and … Continue reading

National Guard and recruitment

[field name=”by”] When Capt. Dustin Cammack joined the National Guard in 1996 to help pay his tuition at the University of Illinois, he planned that his commitment would be short and he would not likely be deployed into armed conflict. … Continue reading

The future of Asia reporting

[field name=”by”] Last year, Al-Jazeera English closed its Beijing bureau after Chinese authorities refused to renew a correspondent’s press credentials. The move was the latest in a line of news organizations that have decided to pull reporters out of China. … Continue reading

PTSD and Journalists

[field name=”by”] [field name=”by”] Philip Grey served in Iraq starting in 2003.  He now reports for The Leaf Chronicle and experiences mild Post-Traumatic Disorder (PTSD).  He compares his symptoms to a low-level toothache; there is no way of getting rid … Continue reading

Not your mother’s Northwestern ROTC

[field name=”by”] Many college students spend four years trying to avoid “real life,” putting off decisions about their future. College students in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps don’t have that luxury. Their daily schedule is laid out from day one … Continue reading

Veterans and the media

[field name=”by”] Once a soldier, always a veteran. At least as far as the medias concerned. Whether its a business, profile, or crime story, a persons status as a veteran is always relevant. A person who served in the military … Continue reading

Mistakes and reporting

[field name=”by”] In 2008, Randy Brown was told to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan. As a member of the 2nd Brigade, 34th Infantry of the Iowa Army National Guard, Brown was one of 3,000, the largest deployment of National Guard … Continue reading