Navigating Pentagon contracts and the laws of war

We’ve added two new how-to guides to our growing “NSZ 101” collection.

  • In Pentagon Contracting 101, we help you get your arms around the contracts that lead to $1 billion in purchases a day by the Department of Defense.

    The guide, reported and written by Laura Peterson of Taxpayers for Common Sense, includes a list of resources and suggested starting points for reporting; examines key problem areas in Pentagon contracting that are ripe for continued story development; and gives you background and context on budget earmarks.

  • One of the nation’s leading experts on the laws of war is your guide in the Law of War 101.  Col. Morris Davis is a retired Air Force judge advocate, former chief prosecutor for the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay and now leads the Crimes of War Project and teaches at Howard University.

    “War is hell and the law of war has evolved over time to reduce the hellishness,” Davis explains, as he reviews the basic history (dating back to the Old Testament), principles and tenets of the rules and laws that cover conflict, including the “Big Three Laws of the Laws of War. “

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