TSA carry-on gun confiscation data 2013

Example of a local story done with our TSA data.

Data below compiled from weekly TSA Blog updates on the number and type of weapons confiscated during carry-on searches at airports. Data is updated weekly (current data through Dec. 31, 2013). (Download CSV file).

The number of guns confiscated from passengers trying to board planes in the U.S. jumped 20% in 2013 to 1,828, with Atlanta leading the way with the most with 110. Confiscations averaged five per day across the U.S.

Full story on 2013 data.

Data for 2014 will be posted soon.

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Daily Data

Visit this page for a table that includes data for each incident, by airport.

Download the Data

Download year-to-date data. (Click on File | Download As and choose your format).

Thanks to NSJI’s Natalie Jones for help with data entry.

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