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Palestinian unilateralerism risks peace

(Aug. 22, 2011)

WASHINGTON– In September, the Arab League will ask the United Nations to recognize the State of Palestine, using its pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital and to upgrade its status to full member state. An official letter will … Continue reading

Demining Afghanistan during war

(Aug. 19, 2011)

WASHINGTON–Afghanistan has 10 million land mines. And while a war may end, casualties continue. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan, as of 2010, an average of 50 Afghani citizens were killed or … Continue reading

New Sanctions Against Iran get American Jewish Council’s Praise

(Jun. 12, 2011)

Due to its massive human rights violations, and its continuing threats against Israel, the American Jewish Council has worked for decades to preclude the Iranian threat. Earlier this week, the Obama Administration received praises from the AJC for announcing new … Continue reading

Are Targeted Killings an Effective Counterterrorism Tool?

(Jun. 12, 2011)

The Obama administration has heightened its campaign of targeted killings against suspected terrorists. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, this includes an increased use of unmanned drone strikes and “kill/capture missions” on al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership. While some experts … Continue reading

Surveillance for safety?

(Jun. 08, 2011)

What is more at stake, our civil liberties or our security? Last year 1,506 federal surveillance applications were submitted and approved. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, court warrants grant the government broad authority to secretly monitor the … Continue reading

Mission Accomplished, but do we feel safer?

(Jun. 08, 2011)

How much safer do Americans feel now that Osama Bin Laden is dead? Hardly at all, according to a Newsweek and Daily Beast poll of 1,200 adults, conducted in the two days immediately prior to President Obama’s Sunday announcement and … Continue reading

Impact of New Civil Union Legislation in Illinois?

(Jun. 08, 2011)

In late January, thousands outside of Chicago’s Cultural Center celebrated as Governor Pat Quinn signed the new Civil Union legislation. Taking effect June 1, 2011, this gave a few months for county registrars and county clerks to prepare for handing … Continue reading

Council on American-Islamic Relations, more donations than in years prior

(Jun. 08, 2011)

How much money is needed to defend civil rights, to fight bigotry and promote intolerance? Can money save civil liberties? To support civil rights work, Chicago’s Council on American-Islamic Relations raised almost $400,000 in contributions. CAIR’s New York and Chicago … Continue reading

Unreasonable government surveillence?

(May. 24, 2011)

The American Civil Liberties Union opposes federal, state, and local programs that it believes invade civil liberties in the name of national security. One of its main concerns,according to the ACLU is protecting citizens from what it deems unreasonable government … Continue reading

America 2049

(May. 24, 2011)

[America 2049: Human rights are in peril, democracy in the dust. You: an agent of the Council on American Heritage. Your mission: nab a terrorist—and change the future.]   Can interactive online experiences alter the perceptions and understandings of its … Continue reading