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Colorado resident with American citizenship detained by ICE due to ID mix-up

An April 20 article by Nancy Lofholm for the Colorado Independent tells the story of Bernardo Medina, a 21-year-old from Gunnison, Colorado, who got stuck in a bureaucratic labyrinth with Immigration and Customs Enforcement due to a state ID card-related issue. But, Lofholm writes, ICE says Medina brought the detention on himself via a fraudulent citizenship-related claim.

Read the full story here.

Colorado VA hospital’s completion contingent on congressional intervention after budget is blown

A Veteran’s Administration hospital being built in the city of Aurora, Colorado is predicted to go $1 billion over budget, according to a March 18 report from 9News.com, the website of Colorado’s KUSA broadcast station. Since covering the extra cost requires congressional approval, the local medical center’s future depends on federal approval. Check out the story by KUSA’s Melissa Blasius and Brandon Rittiman (an exciting intersection of federal VA funding and local veteran’s affairs and health care infrastructure) here.