Obama awards Medal of Honor to Afghanistan war hero

WASHINGTON — The Medal of Honor is the highest U.S. military honor and is awarded to members of the military who have distinguished themselves by performing extraordinary acts of bravery.

The Medal of Honor began in 1861. The majority of the medals awarded are to Civil War military men according to the Congressional Medal of Honor official website.

This year, President Barack Obama awarded the medal to Capt. Florent Groberg. He moved a suicide bomber away from military personnel in Afghanistan by grabbing him and throwing himself on the man seconds before the explosion.

While on a mission with Afghans, Groberg noticed a man walking backwards towards his group. He approached the man and discovered that he was wearing a vest with explosives. That is when Groberg took the man away from the soldiers and threw him on the ground. The bomb detonated and Groberg was severely injured.

“Flo was thrown some 15 or 20 feet and was knocked unconscious,” Obama said.

Groberg’s family and friends accompanied him at the ceremony. Among those present were the families of two of his friends who were killed in another attack in the Middle East.

Groberg stood in front of the crowd and fought back tears as the president shared his story.

“Flo says that was the worst day of his life,” Obama said.

Groberg is the 10th living recipient who served in Iraq or Afghanistan.




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