Posts by Amina Ali Ismail

Calls for violence increase as Egyptian government intensifies its crackdown on youth

(Aug. 26, 2015)

Egypt is creating a new generation of terrorists, a bomb that’s going to explode in the face of not only Egypt, but also the whole region. Continue reading

The US Army is increasing troop rotations and equipment in Europe

(Jul. 28, 2015)

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea from February 2014, and his increasingly aggressive actions near NATO’s stomping grounds, the Pentagon has been beefing up its military exercises and rotations in Central and Eastern Europe to ensure what US military officials say is the security and stability of its NATO allies. Continue reading

Iran nuclear deal sparks joy, criticism and cautious optimism

(Jul. 16, 2015)

While thousands of Iranians celebrated the Iran nuclear deal in the streets of Tehran and hoped for a swift end to international sanctions that have left their economy in tatters, Iranian hardliners, Israelis, and others criticized the agreement. Continue reading

An Iran nuclear deal seems imminent — and Congress is ready to fight it

(Jul. 13, 2015)

After 17 days of talks and two blown deadlines, the US and five other nations gave themselves until midnight on Monday in Vienna to reach the final terms of an agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for rolling back economic sanctions. Iranian media initially reported that an announcement was imminent on Monday evening, but asked later if the deal would indeed be unveiled, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said simply: “No.” Continue reading

Video: Missing U.S. soldier from the Korean War finally buried after 64 years

(Jul. 07, 2015)

A missing U.S. soldier from the Korean War, whose remains were identified in December, was buried 64 years after his death with full military honors at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery Monday. Continue reading

State Department report highlights abuses in Iran, Cuba

(Jul. 01, 2015)

After months of delay, Secretary of State John Kerry released a long-awaited report Thursday, raising concerns about human rights violations in Cuba and Iran, among other countries. Continue reading