Covering Conflicts student reports

Mysterious decline in Air Force contract competition

Air Force contracts awarded after competitive bidding havd dropped by one third, while the other services didn’t experience the problem. And there seems to be no reason for the decline. Continue reading

Syrian reporter honored for giving back to her country

WASHINGTON – The increasing dangers to journalists covering the Syrian civil war and other stories in areas where the Islamic State operates has driven many to cover the conflicts from outside the country, leaving the rest of the world less … Continue reading

Veteran journalists prepare you to survive hostile environments

Global Journalist Security has responded to growing dangers facing reporters in war-torn regions.
Continue reading

Too early to judge the China-U.S. cyber agreement

U.S and China signed a agreement aiming to stop cyberespoinagee and promote international cyber norms, but many experts say the the four-point plan is symbolic without specifics. Continue reading

Why Mosul matters

The Islamic State’s takeover of Mosul doesn’t mean just a physical dominance over the land and psychological problems for the city’s citizens. An estimated 60,000 Christians fled when the group took over, and those who stayed are under constant intimidation with things like ISIS shutting down schools and destroying rival Shia mosques. Continue reading

War On Drugs, America’s Public Enemy No. 1

I was sitting in a cab with my classmate as the driver drove down the streets of Austin, a neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, which has the highest number of homicide cases in the city. Continue reading

The CIA’s first coup by themselves

The CIA perhaps accomplished what others could not do 61 years ago in Guatemala. Continue reading

Is war a racket?

In “War is a Racket”, General Smedley Butler focuses mainly on the actions of the United States, but one of his main arguments is that all wars are rackets, in that all wars are “conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” Continue reading

Turkey joining the fight against ISIS

For the first time since the Islamic State – also known as ISIS – began to spread across Iraq and Syria, neighboring Turkey has launched air strikes against positions of the jihadist organization in Syria. Continue reading

Transforming thoughts of climate change

How can a population cause so much destruction to the natural environment and cause extinction for many of its inhabitants and not see any repercussions? Continue reading